OceanContour is a standalone, interactive desktop application that provides data visualization and processing capabilities for acoustic Doppler systems. Currently targeting Nortek’s Signature series and other AD2CP based instruments and the Vectrino Profiler, the initial release provides interactive QA/QC and data averaging in addition to the display of all data products from the supported instruments. 

Release 2.0.x now includes wave processing. Data products at all stages of analysis can be exported to Matlab or NetCDF for further analysis as required.

Easy data import




Import and display all data products from supported instruments.  Split AD2CP raw data files are combined and processed as one.  Multi-gigabyte data support is provided by segmenting data into contiguous time series files.

Variety of different data visualization view are supported.  These include contour images, histograms, profile / time series plots, stick plots and other formats.

Multi-project setup

Interactive QA/QC

Multiple workspaces containing multiple projects can be created to conveniently organize data.

Interactive QA/QC lets you identify areas of poor data quality and exclude them from further processing.

Flexible export options

Generate reports in Word, Power Point or export all images into files that the user can manipulate as required.